GWK the Hague Central Money Exchange office

Change money in the Hague

[ English please 🙂 Looking for foreign currency exchange: Order money online ]

At the GWK Travelex at The Hague CS you can exchange money for foreign currencies.

Are you back from vacation and do you have any money left abroad? Then you can exchange this currency here quickly and easily for euros at a favorable rate.

Yes, take a valid proof of identity with you, GWK staff can ask for this.

Order money online|order foreign currency

Order money online | foreign currency exchange

If you order your required currency online, you will benefit from the best GWK Travelex exchange rates.

Moreover, you pay no commission online.

After ordering you can choose when you want to collect the money. You can collect US dollars and English pounds within 30 minutes.

GWK Den Haag CS location

GWK The Hague is on the outside of the station building (north side). The office is located on Koningin Julianaplein, overlooking the Malieveld.

Parking close to GWK

GWK The Hague is very easy to reach with public transport, since the money exchange office is at the station! The closest parking is the parking lane on the Bezuidenhoutseweg, directly on the square. You can park here for a maximum of € 1, -, up to 30 minutes.

Opening hours GWK the Hague CS


GWK The Hague HS

You can also go to the other major station to change money. You will find the GWK at Stationsplein 50 (The Hague) at Hollands Spoor station.

Exchange money urgently

Do you suddenly have to leave and do you urgently need foreign money? You can use the FAST service of the GWK.

Order here via the FAST service if you need foreign money immediately. Then you immediately benefit from online price advantage and a 0% commission will be charged. After placing the order, the money is immediately ready for you! No extra costs will be charged for this service !!

The urgent service and the discount only apply to orders placed online and are collected from our location at Schiphol Plaza. You can order amounts of € 50 to € 7,500 in currencies online. For lower or higher amounts you can contact the branch at Schiphol plaza.

Buy Bitcoin

Do you not want to exchange currency, but are you interested in purchasing Bitcoin? Then you can go to different locations in The Hague for a Bitcoin ATM. Or you can buy online Bitcoin or other crypto currency. Because money is of course very old skool 🙂