Bicycle storage

Because the Central Station is being completely renovated, the old, familiar bicycle parking underneath the Central Station is not yet in use. That will probably be the end of 2019. Where can you park your bike in the meantime?

Fietsenstalling Den Haag
Bicycle storage, the Dutch way…

In the meantime, you have to lose your steel steed somewhere else. Take a look at the map below for the possibilities.

Floor plan bicycle parking

plattegrond fietsenstalling
Map for bicycle storage around The Hague Central Station

The following bicycle parking facilities are on the map

  1. Bicycle flat Rijnstraat
  2. Bicycle compartment near Anna van Buerenplein
  3. Bicycle storage Anna van Buerenstraat
  4. Bicycle compartment at Anna van Buerenplein
  5. Bicycle storage NS under de stationshal*

* Sot the bicycle parking under the station hall is now being rebuilt. You cannot temporarily park your bike there. So choose one of the other options on the plan.

Bicycle flat

At present, the bicycle parking on Rijnstraat, also called the bicycle flat, is an important parking facility for travelers of The Hague Central. The bicycle flat is a temporary solution until the underground bicycle parking on Koningin Julianaplein opens. Look on the map where you can find the bicycle flat.

Want to know everything about the renovation of the bicycle shed? Here you can more information about the new bicycle parking at The Hague CS.

Tip from Miss Stork:

” In The Hague you can park your bicycle for free and in a guarded location at a Biesieklette bicycle parking!”

Bicycle parking for free |Biesieklette

There is a strict ‘bicycle parking policy’ in The Hague. If you just park your bike somewhere on the street, not at a garage or in a bicycle compartment, chances are that it will be removed. Fortunately, the Municipality of The Hague offers many possibilities to park your bike for free and in a guarded way.

Biesieklette | fiets gratis stallen
Store your bike for free in The Hague

Otherwise, check the site of Biesieklette | Free parking of your bike
for more information.