Big fun on the big sup with Sol Sup Club!

Welcome at the Sol Sup Club!

Have you ever heard of SUP (pen)? SUP stands for Stand Up Paddling and is the fastest growing water sport of the moment. And rightly so because supping is super fun! With Stand Up Paddling you stand on a large surfboard and you move forward by going through the water on both sides of your board with a long paddle. Supping is easy to learn and therefore accessible to everyone.

By supplementing you train your whole body because you are constantly trying to find and keep your balance; your belly, buttocks and legs are constantly at work. In addition, strength is needed from your arms, shoulders and back. In short, no gym can compete with this. Because you move in the open air, you are part of nature, suppen also has a very relaxing effect. Suppen, both physically and mentally, you are completely attracted.

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