Timelapse Den Haag

Welcome to the Hague

Timelapse: The Hague in three minutes

Arne Wossink himself is not from The Hague, but has managed to put the city behind the dunes beautifully in his timelapse. It took two and a half years for Leiden to make the three-minute video.

De Passage, Central Station, Noordeinde Palace. It can all be seen in the short film that Wossink (38) posted on the internet. It is not the first time that he has made such a timelapse. He previously filmed his hometown of Leiden, Milan and Chicago.

,, The Hague was the next logical step. It is close to Leiden and I did not know it well, “says Wossink. By making the video, a new world opened up for him.

In his free time he went – if the weather conditions were right – to the royal city to make the images with his camera. He made 34,000 photos, among other things. ,, I did research beforehand. For example, I went to The Hague a number of times without a camera. Then I cycled through the city to see where beautiful places were. And to see if there was enough room for certain shots. ”

A few years ago, Wossink started making timelapses as a hobby. At one point he received orders from companies. “Then I started a one-man business.” He still sticks to his permanent job as a project manager. “Making these kinds of videos is very nice incidentally.” The film about The Hague was made entirely in his spare time and at his own expense.

Does he already have a next city planned? Doubting: ,, I have to take a look. I actually want to do something completely different, a different theme. I have filmed cities a few times now, but I like to try new things. ”

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