The Hague get biggest Guess-shop of the Netherlands

Attention fashion lovers. Fashion brand Guess opens a store in the old V&D building on Grote Marktstraat in The Hague. There, the clothing store occupies the ground floor and first floor, making it the largest store of the brand in the Netherlands.

The Guess clothing store will fill two floors. “It will be the Guess store in the Netherlands, because we recently closed a building in Amsterdam,” said regional manager Jeroen Kop van Guess.

The renovated building will be furnished from 10 July and Guess will open its doors on Friday 14 July. According to the regional manager, this is well celebrated.

Earlier this year, Decathlon and Stradivarius already opened stores in the former V&D building. This year Guess and the Canadian fashion chain Hudson’s Bay will be added. The latter will open its doors on 7 September.

Source: The Hague will get the biggest Guess-shop of the Netherlands | Den Haag |

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