Departure times sign back at the Hague Central

The board with the departure times returns to The Hague Central Station. In a new, digital jacket.

What was it clear; all departing trains neatly below each other on a large sign in the station hall. And how nice! The four major stations in Utrecht, Amsterdam and The Hague and Rotterdam will again receive a large sign at a central location, an NS spokesperson confirms. They are expected to hang there in 2018. Good news for travelers.

According to the Dutch Railways, there was a need for a well-organized central place where travelers can see all departure times.

It is not yet known how large the board will be and where it will be placed in the station. Tests are now being done with this to test legibility and ease. The smaller screens just stick.

old departure times sign

old departure times sign

The new plates are smaller than the old plates, such as the iconic Utrecht plate. In addition, the new information boards will be digital instead of analog.

The Dutch Railways are currently still working on the design, together with the public transport company’s passenger panel.


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